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Interested in getting our minifigs with other custom Lego products?

Looking to get your products faster?

Are you an international shopper from outside the U.S.?

We at Phoenix Customs want you, as the buyer, to have the best options possible! So, in order to meet your needs and improve your shopping experience, we have provided some other options for buying our products. If you entered yes to the questions above, you'll want to check out our products now available through the following Authorized Online Stores:


Minifigures.co.uk (United Kingdom)


This website sells a wide range of custom and official LEGO minifigures from both the U.S. and Europe. They stock most of our products, specifically our custom minifigures. They also provide detailed video reviews of our products and a blog of upcoming figs. Fast shipping. 

View our products by clicking HERE


 La Petite Brique (The Little Brick) - (France)


This reseller sells many different LEGO related products, including many of our products. They allow customers to collect redeemable points with purchases and provide a wide range of custom and official LEGO minifigures, parts, and sets. Fast shipping for worldwide buyers. 

Visit our products on their site by clicking HERE


Chinese Reseller (Exclusive)


This reseller is our exclusive reseller in all of China. This store features almost all of our current and upcoming figures as well as many other custom LEGO and official LEGO products. 

To view our products there, click HERE


Just 4 Custom Minifig (Indonesia Reseller)


This is our exclusive reseller in Indonesia. This new store includes many of our custom printed minifigures along with an assortment of other custom figs from other customizers. 

You can get our products from this reseller by clicking HERE


Taiwan, and Hong Kong Resellers - For more information, please contact me.